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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sex and the Single Moomintroll

Sex may be sublime, but writing about it is hell, or so novelist Jojo Moyes claims in this charming little article from Britain's Telegraph. Best graf:
As the Literary Review’s Bad Sex Awards testify, the more “literary” the book, the more determinedly unlyrical the descriptions. Anyone for a vulva as a “gorgon’s head, a motionless Cyclops”? (Jonathan Littell)? Care to linger in Tom Wolfe's decidedly unerotic “otorhinolaryngological caverns”? Norman Mailer may well have been America’s Finest Novelist, but I am haunted by his description of a penis “as soft as a coil of excrement”, as I am by David Mitchell’s climaxing woman who “made a noise like a tortured Moomintroll.”
(That's a Moomintroll in the picture. Don't ask.) Thank God I write mainly about business and politics, where the jargon may be soporofic but at least it doesn't make you squirm with embarrassment . . . !


  1. David Mitchell should be put in the stocks in the public square and fed nothing but thin gruel for six weeks to atone for his disrespect to Moomintrolls.

    Those who do not know about Moomintrolls, and who pursue their inquiries to Tove Jannson's chronicles of their adventures, will be rewarded by treasures of narrative and humor -- and by wisdom worthy of the Buddha.

  2. Yecchh! Let's put all this intellectual stuff about reading and writing aside for a moment and consider the important things - would you want to date these guys??