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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Huge Indie Success Story

Unless you have gone into hibernation with the black bears (I hate when the Style Section does this because I never know what they are talking about) you now know that Jamie Gordon's LORD OF MISRULE, published by an Indie publisher, McPherson, won the NBA for fiction.

I have lived in the Woodstock area on and off since 1978, that is about ten minutes away from Kingston, twenty tops. Never heard of McPherson. I would have noticed them. All I know about is Overlook because Peter Mayer is famous. So what have we here?

I looked them up online and for certain McPherson is a highly literary press but so is Godine (where is Godine anyway, has anybody heard?). My point is that since Indie publishing now has a brand the folks involved are more apparent, no longer flying below the radar. It's like when lace up shoes move from Florsheims to whichever designer it is that puts skulls and bones on them. No longer nerdy, now hip.

Congratulations to this author. I am going to buy the book. Everyone should support Indie publishing.

I hope this blog actually gets posted but I have no idea if it will pass the cyberbar.


  1. Godine is still around, Sandi. I visited their stand at this year's BEA. And speaking of award winners, Godine published a novel by the winner of the 2008 Novel Prize in Literature -- DESERT by J. M. G. Le Clezio. And McPherson has been around since 1973. But it's definitely a small literary publisher: According to LMP, they publish 6 titles annually.

  2. Sorry, of course I meant Novel Prize, not Novel.

  3. What is that Gremlin doing to me? NOBEL!!!