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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I went to only one panel at the Festival, the one Nan mentions. And this is what I heard. Many of those authors asked questions about self publishing. Bob Wyatt, a renown publishing professional with a corporate track record of discovering best sellers and fine literature for Avon and having his own imprint after that, has self published his first two books. Some of the authors who self published had done so a few years ago and had been picked up by major publishers.

What does this say to me? I have an independent publishing bug in my bonnet so I focus on it whenever I am around people in the industry. But more than that I hope that the Festival organizers got the message and think about including some panels on self publishing next year. And perhaps where editors fit in that picture. I wish I had been quick enough to ask those authors if they used book doctors.

I'm off to read the latest Penny Vincenzi and a few pages of Suze Orman. This is how I spend Saturday nights. No question I am in that cave Nan writes about.

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