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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Watching Julie and Julia, the movie, has me revisiting the changes the book business has made in terms of where the ideas originate. Magazines and newspapers used to be the best source for non fiction. I must have subscribed to ten magazines at one point just to troll for ideas, then write to the author, check their interest in writing a book , and so on. This courtship could literally take years.
Now we blog, we look at blogs, go from one blog which takes us to the next. Somewhere in there just about everyday I see bloggers I would chase down to write a book proposal if I were an agent or a publisher.

Then of course, the agent can fix the blogger/expert up with an editor or collaborator.

This is the new publishing landscape, blogs provide ideas.And bloggers bring their own fan base. So important to the publisher for providing a platform.

If any writer wants to sell a non fiction book idea the best advice is for them to start a blog, find ways to have the blog linked in to as many related sites as possible. Build from there. And keep blogging.

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  1. And of course the additional benefit of blogging is that it forces you to actually WRITE STUFF rather than sitting around fantasizing about writing a great book someday . . .