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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Why Is Someone Else In My Book's Author Photo?"

Check out this story from Salon to read about one of the weirdest publishing snafus I've ever heard about (and believe me I've heard about quite a few).

Incidentally if any of the publishers I work with is looking for a new photo of me to use on a forthcoming book, I'd suggest the shot to the left.  It might generate a few extra sales . . . 


  1. I also had a problem with a book that was printed in China. My graphic novel RESISTANCE was a Sydney Taylor Silver Medal Winner. When I did a book signing at Books of Wonder recently, we discovered all of the award stickers had been affixed UPSIDE DOWN!

  2. I suppose that's what happens when you rely on people who don't know English. Somewhere D.H. Lawrence reminisces about having Italian typesetters working on LADY CHATTERLY--he says they would set the word "didn't" in a dozen different ways: di'dnt, din'dt, did'tn, d'idnt, "like a fugue."

  3. Incredible! Let's hope the snafu can function as a form of publicity for this author, bringing awareness of her work to a larger audience. I know I'm going to read her latest, because when I followed the link to the Salon article, there was the face of a former Hoboken neighbor with whom I hadn't had contact in years -- Caroline Leavitt!

  4. Ah, but are you sure that was really her?