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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is This The Future of Publishing?

Intrigued by self-publishing? Looks to me as if Joe Konrath's blog, Newbie's Guide to Book Publishing, is a must-read.  Joe is a thriller writer who is selling thousands of self-published books (in both print and e-book editions) on Amazon.  He has also built up a substantial body of expertise in producing and marketing e-books, and quite a collection of followers who are using his methods.  I'm just getting into his work--there is a lot to absorb on his blog and it will take me a while to read it--but this looks like the real deal.

I'm surprised to hear myself saying this, but Joe Konrath may well be the future of publishing--at least one important piece of it.


  1. Joe Konrath's experience is on the agenda for the CEA meeting April 6.

    The arc of his career is the prototype of what has happened to so called mid list writers and how they can not only survive without conventional publishers, but make much more money and have total control over their material.

  2. It's going to be a fascinating discussion