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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been searching for a really good marketer for an author who is publishing her own book. Here's what is disturbing me. While the good authors are moving over to the new independent publishing trade, many of the marketers and distributors still seem back in vanity press days.

Check it out. Look at sample web pages and blogs of on line book marketing specialists. I am worried that, unlike book doctors, who moved from major publishing to individual consulting, and artists who package the books, the rest of the process is supplied in many cases by people who want to market books the way Jackie Gleason tried to sell kitchen knife on TV (unless you are a 'Honeymooners' devotee you might not know about the time he tried to sell a kitchen knife with lots of functions on TVwith an ad similar to those pet pedicure products that come with loud voice overs and lots of ad ons.) Cheesy is the word I'm looking for. That's what some of the marketing for independents looks like.

Obviously we know of exceptions. But authors who are not working with bookdoctors are finding their own way and this threatens the professionalism and commercialism of independent publishing.

This is a really good reason for authors to use an editorial consultant. We can take them through the entire process of publishing, whether traditional or small press, just as we did for the authors we acquired in house. I believe in the future of independent and self publishing. We have to bring the ancillary functions along with us.

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